24 thoughts on “Quiet Progress

  1. It is like you posed the bird there! The things that had to come together just right, on their own, to get this fabulous shot, are truly mind-boggling to comprehend.

  2. Reblogged this on wtf Am I On About Now? and commented:
    Since you’ll not get a moment of Zen here, I thought I’d import one. This photo knocked me over. Not only is it a fabulous photo, but all of the things that had to come together, naturally, to produce it and THEN to have someone SEE it and have a camera and … mind blown.

  3. Breathtaking. Probably my favorite of all your wonderful pictures so far. Hope you can find a bigger audience for it through photo competitions or the like. It is a gem.

    1. What a great suggestion. Unfortunately, this is heavily cropped (I didn’t have a longer lens with me (ugh) so the file size isn’t very big) but with your encouragement I will consider that for sure. Thank you!

    1. There are a lot of swans on this particular reservoir and to be honest I didn’t realize that the Trumpeter’s were all that unusual here. I hope I ID’d it correctly. 🙂

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