Two Birds for Today



A Yellow-rumped Warbler in Irvington, New York. A sure sign that spring migration is underway.


A Ruby-crowned Kinglet stopped briefly at a cherry tree in our neighborhood before moving on. They are almost constantly on the go. The Kinglets can flash a ruby-red crown when they are excited – apparently this photographer didn’t make the cut.

The 2016 Audubon Photography Awards have been announced and I was lucky enough to have three photos included in the Top 100 gallery. My photos are numbers 54, 59 and 91.

9 thoughts on “Two Birds for Today

  1. Know the feeling. At the park the other day a fantail (native New Zealand bird) came down within inches of me for about 2 seconds to say hello and then flew off again just as I was pointing my camera at it. Sigh

    1. I just looked it up Raewyn. Such a beautiful bird. I’m reading that they are known to fly in close to people so I wish you the best of luck next time. At least you had your camera with you! 🙂

  2. Beautiful Tom! Today one of my fellow NJ photographers posted picture of a yellow-rumped warbler spotted here in NJ. I had never heard of them and today two different people posted pictures. I love the bright yellow patches.

  3. Beautiful. A few weeks ago I saw my first yellow Rumped warbler! So exciting. I saw a flash of yellow and snapped a few pictures that were at least “good enough” for identification if not perfection like your photo!

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