Nature’s Delicate Balance

Veery_wordpressEvery living thing is delicately balanced to live in a special place and in a special way. It is imperative that we protect this delicate balance in nature. We need to care for our common home. GreenHeron_wordpress

CYellowthroat_wordpressThe Veery, Green Heron and Common Yellowthroat are among the many birds that gather, in spring, at two of my favorite places; Rockefeller State Park and Halsey Pond in New York.

11 thoughts on “Nature’s Delicate Balance

  1. Tom, June and I have been enjoying your really wonderful bird photos…..and your captions are informative and thought provoking. Together they convey your gentle and thoughtful spirit. Keep up the good work.


    1. Peter, I so appreciate your taking the time to view my photos (and even read the captions) 🙂 Your generous and kind comment is so appreciated. Thank you so much Peter and June, Tom

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