15 thoughts on “Togetherness

  1. Very nice Tom! Hope all is going well for you and your wonderful family.Please say hello to all and we send our love to all the Warrens.😊

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  2. Was having a bad day, when all of a sudden the racoons showed up on my screen. Praise the Lord. I have 2 of their mates in my front yard and my housekeeper feeds them daily, They constantly fight for whom gets first dibs at their feeding trough. By morning their trough is always empty! Tom, you should come to my front yard. We have all types of bird feeders and such a plethora of birds, every type and every color. These racoons just made my day. The photography is so perfect! Mike

  3. Uncle Mike, I’m so glad that this photo brought you a smile. Watching nature often has a way of picking up our spirits and I’m happy that its beauty is out in all its glory for you to see every day! Our love to you Uncle Mike! And thank you. Tom

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