Animal House


Yesterday, the nearby Bronx Zoo provided a wonderful respite from the latest news. For much of the time that I was there it seemed as if it was just me and the animals.


Burrowing Owls watched and listened while keeping a close watch over their dens. Having each other’s back is one of the keys to survival in the animal kingdom.


“Animals have a sense of justice and also display empathy, forgiveness, trust and reciprocity. We can learn a lot from them if we open our minds and hearts to who they really are.” – Marc Bekoff author of Animals Matter

3 thoughts on “Animal House

  1. Hi Tom

    Animal House is such a great name for a zoo. It makes us smile when I think of the Holywood version with the food fights. The images are amazing and the quotes so telling. I forwarded your mail to a couple of my friends.

    Let’s meet at 5:30 at Chucks. Good idea since they don’t accept reservations.

    Love you—sunshine or not: mostly not. Mom


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