Our Fragile World

Bobolinks, like this one photographed this morning in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY are truly amazing birds. They can travel the equivalent of four times around the earth during their lifetimes. But their numbers are declining due to habitat loss.

Birds are so very far above the often-petty world of politics but there is no denying that this current administration shows no interest in protecting birds and wildlife.

“If you care at all about nature, if you thrill to hear the dawn chorus as you open your eyes on a spring morning or if you catch your breath to see a flash of brilliant red as a Scarlet Tanager flits from tree to tree above you, if you’ve ever stood in awe at dusk as a Wood Thrush unfurls his ethereal one-bird symphony, please take the time to consider which candidate is more likely to work for a future that is hospitable for birds. And then vote like their life depends on it, because I assure you, it really does.” – Melissa Groo (National Audubon Society)