A Search for the Essential

It turns out that the chirping noise that a hummingbird makes actually comes from its tail. Since hummingbirds move so fast, they can make their tail vibrate like a reed instrument. This is a male, Ruby-throated Hummingbird.
These aptly named flowers are in the genus Cosmos which comes from the Greek word “kosmos” meaning “beautiful.”
When it’s not perched on a plant, the American Goldfinch can be seen foraging on the ground or flying – dipping and rising in a wave-like pattern as it soars.

Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday lent itself to several quotes for me to highlight. With chapter titles like “Slow Down, Think Deeply,” “Bathe in Beauty” and “Limit Your Inputs,” there was a lot for me to like about this book. So please allow me to share two great little excerpts with you.

“The way you feel when you awake early in the morning and your mind is fresh and yet unsoiled by the noise of the outside world – that’s space worth protecting.”

Or how about this one? “In order to think clearly, it is essential that each of us figures out how to filter out the inconsequential from the essential.”